Friday, December 28, 2007

Favorite Photo Friday

Hi All,
Happy Friday! I think I am still suffering from a Holiday Hangover :) Here's a pic for Friday...

It was February 9th (my birthday) 2003. This was the day John left for Iraq. Not to return for 18months- which we did not know at the time. I look at this pic and it makes me both happy and sad. Alot of joy and pain during the next 2 years. We have been through alot and are thankful John completed his tour! He is no longer in the military. I pray for all others who continue to go through the separation. God Bless You and your families.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pics...I missed Favorite Friday Photo

It has been a very prosperous year and John and I have alot to be thankful for. Just a few pics to enjoy!
The Cheering Section for Johnny Paycheck! We have great friends :)

Go Big John!
John is an IRONMAN-November 2007 PCB Florida Finish Line. (It's hard to smile when you are crying- we both weren't ready for this shot...classic).

Here is a pic from our TEAM USA trip to Hungary (May) this year - John and Kevin from Colorado.

P.S.-Look for my "spandex" pic in 2008!!!

A bit much...

Okay, I read this posting from another blog today and I wanted to put it out there as well.

It is a bit harsh, and I do not agree or relate to every line. But, I found some comfort by reading it. This posting is for those who are struggling through such a difficult time as trying to become parents. I understand your pain. That's all I will say...

Here are some things that are mentioned to adopting parents…

1.Asking when we will get pregnant
2.Constantly asking about our infertility treatments.
3.Making light of a failed cycle ·
4.Saying that you know exactly how we feel ·
5.Saying everything happens for a reason ·
6.Telling us to relax ·
7. Telling us to just adopt and then we'll get pregnant ·
8.Telling us that adoption is the easy way ·
9. Telling us that everyone goes through this it's no big deal.
10.Minimizing our pain in an attempt to make us feel better ·
11. Complaining about your kids, or saying we can have your kids for a while and then we wouldn't want any ·
12. Telling us to be patient ·
13. Telling a parent who's adopting that "you might still have a miracle baby someday" when in an adoptive parents eyes their child is a miracle baby ·
14. Telling us we are "trying too hard" ·
15. Telling us that you know a person who tried fertility treatments for years, but then they finally stopped and got pregnant all on their own ·
16. Relatives insisting that we go to brunches for a holiday celebration with lots of babies and children around, especially when we are in the middle of a treatment cycle or a miscarriage · Saying, "I just don't understand why you just don't adopt" ·
17. Saying "It's just terrible that you can't have any children, because I don't want to use my nanny five days a week anymore, I only want her two days a week, and if you had already had babies by now, we could have shared my nanny" ·
18. Asking every month what is going on ·
19. Coming right out and asking if we are pregnant because we look like we've gained weight (The medication we have to take typically causes weight gain) ·
20. Telling us every time you hear about a new infertility technique that is available. Believe us, we are acutely aware of what is out there and it gets exhausting to constantly hear about it from others ·
22. Dwelling on your own children's annoying habits or antics it is painful to us to hear people saying things that we would give anything to experience.
23. Realize that seeing, hearing about, or talking to pregnant women can be very difficult even when it's your own sister or best friend.
24. It can be even more difficult to be around pregnant women that are complaining about being pregnant or are unable to discuss anything other than their pregnancy
25. Telling other people the "good news" prior to a positive pregnancy result ·
26. Family members saying how desperately they want to be an aunt, grandmother, etc
27. Speaking of adoption as a second or lesser choice. If the resolution is that we do adopt, then we will always remember those words and feel that our adopted child is second rate. ·
28. Although you are trying to help, saying optimistic things like “there is no problem and you’ll get pregnant soon” actually make things worse. It invalidates the biggest struggle of your life at that time ·
29. Telling us that we're "over-reacting" if we choose to avoid going to church on Mother's Day or choose to avoid baby showers or kid's birthday parties ·
30. Calling us "selfish" for not appearing happy for someone else's pregnancy.
31. Telling us to just deal with it because if we don't deal with it, we won't ever be able to be around pregnant women or little babies ·
32. Forgetting everything we've told you about our treatments and asking us the same questions over and over
33. Asking us to hold your child or touch your pregnant belly for good luck.
34. If you tell us a story about someone you know who went through infertility, that's okay, but don't use it as a way to tell us that "in the end, it will be all right" or "you'11 get pregnant too" ·
35. Telling us how awful your pregnancy was and telling us we're lucky that we don't have to go through it.
36. Listening to you tell us how easy it was to get pregnant and that it was unplanned ·
37. Assuming it is the woman with the infertility issues ·
38. Telling us to enjoy our freedom now ·
39. Telling us that early miscarriages weren't really babies ·
40.Telling us that we are lucky we don't have kids so that we have money to travel, buy new things, etc ·
41. Telling us how lucky we are to go home to a nice quiet house.

Friday, December 21, 2007

I am now a Blogger!

Well, it is official! I have started blogging. As a pre-adoptive parent it appears necessary. Most everyone has a blog that is either in the paperchase stage, playing the waiting game, or finally completed their adoption! (my favorite) We are in between paperchase and waiting...yeah! Who knew it would be such a process to even get to the right country :0

We are now adopting from VIETNAM! So, we could be getting in line for a baby boy or girl very soon. The Home Study will be complete by January 5th. Can't wait to actually start and enjoy the wait til the big day :) More to come...stay tuned!