Monday, June 9, 2008

Just Busy

It has been a crazy couple of weeks! I am under the gun with less than 30days until the Peachtree Road Race. SOOOOOO- I have been training- very hard. It is more like a Running boot camp now. John and I have been working out every morning at the track and at the gym and starting this week we will add some swimming. Does anyone see the trend here?!?! I am working my way to a triathlon!

Although I have not signed up for anything yet. I feel the urge to train right now. Given that our adoption is a little slow. We are still paperchasing...again. Plus, the courts will be closing in August and we don't want to risk our paperwork being out of date. So, for now ,we are slowly gathering the information and pushing our "dated" material for later in the summer.

Last week, on Saturday, Wayne Gibson III was welcomed into the world! This is my friend's first child and I was there at the hospital with much anticipation to witness the little guy. HE Is Adorable! The week prior, her sister, Shea also had her 3rd baby boy- Turner! So, it was a big time for celebration, and recovery for my girls. I love them all so much and am grateful I am a part of this precious time in their lives. Can't wait to see these two grow up together...Tripp and Turner :)

Headed out to work. Have a Great Week Everyone. I will post some pics later.

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angie said...

wow, a triathlon! that sounds like a TON of work!

i think it is a great idea to help pass the time while you are waiting for your baby to come home!

good luck :)