Monday, June 23, 2008

not so favorite photo...

This is what we woke up to this morning. I noticed it as we were pulling out of the driveway to go to the gym. Terrible. But, it all came off with some goo-gone. Gold spray paint and one police report later, I was headed to work. Thought I would share the pics. They think it is some sort of gang graffiti. We live in a wonderful neighborhood. All our neighbors were stopping by and were very upset at this outcome. Oh, goes on. But you better believe I will be watching out my window for any little noise to try and catch the suckers if they even think about doing it again!!!

No news on the adoption front. I have taken a little paperwork break. Need a real vacation as work has been extremely stressful lately with no time to blog. Also, I have been training very hard every morning and (drumroll!!!) 9lbs shed later...I'm still alive. We are looking forward to our journey picking back up real soon.

Congratulations to ALL the referrals this week and last- gives me such inspiration and hope to see this progress for the children and the much awaited families.


losiloni said...

That is just ridiculous. I really cannot understand people (even young people) who believe they have the right to deface others property. This stuff even drove me crazy when I was kid.
Sorry that happened to you guys.

Carra & Casey said...

OMG!!! That is crazy. The first month I had my brand new black car someone keyed it. I has heart broken.