Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Adoption Friends

Yesterday was full of adoption! Some good news and some very bad news. We are praying for both of these families. I work with them and have witnessed their journey. In fact, I mentioned adoption to them as they were struggling with infertility. They researched and ended up sharing that they were adopting too! This all happened at different times during the last 6 months. However, yesterday I was happy and extremely upset for both of them.

My girlfriend-B at work just returned home from her mother's passing. This was a very unexpected death. Her mother was just here for her 30th birthday celebration. During her time here, B actually received her referral for a little Russian boy! It was so exciting. They even received a pic of the little guy. Instant love, of course. I remember our phone conversation. I should have been working but received the email and my day was shot! I was so elated for B. They have been struggling for so so so many years of infertility. Her mom in the background cheering with excitement as B and I discussed how cute he is.

So yesterday, B called me. It was her first day back in the office after 2 weeks of grieving. I had left a card on her desk about hope and an overall uplifting card. She thanked me for the card in a very unlike B tone. We talked a bit and then I thought I would ask about any news on the adoption front. She rec'd her referral on April 6th, I figured she had some travel dates. This is where my heart literally broke into pieces...

"Nope, we lost the baby". What?!?! Oh B! "Yep, I lost my Mom and Baby all in the same month. Yeah, I came into my office to his picture this morning and spent half the morning crying over that. So, What's next? I know that's a terrible thing to say but how do you get over this? We are over the adoption and have also spent so much money already". What about another region? I asked. "That costs money to change and I can't fathom doing that right now". I said "B- Just walk away, take a break, and wait for a sign". You need time as I know you must be exhausted. So tired-she said. "I just have to accept that fact that we will be childless".

I CANNOT BELIEVE THE PAIN SHE MUST BE SUFFERING. Words of encouragement are good but only time can heal this wound. She has been on my heart and in my prayers ever since. God will hold her in his hands, I know he will. If you have a second to pray for her and her family, that would be so appreciated.

There WILL be another chapter and I will let you know when that occurs. For now, the healing must take place. UGHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Then, later that day, I have a call with one of my partners. He told me that they received word this weekend that they will be the parents of TWINS!!!! Yes, Twin GIRLS! They were discovered through his wife's hairdresser who knew of a young lady that already had one child and could not care for 2 more. The birthmom and her mother came over to their house for a visit and to discuss the situation.

On the way home, the birthmother called them to let them know she has made her decision and she is so happy to have them as the NEW PARENTS!!

WOW- 'how bout that?!?! Too cool. Elation for my buddy S. He said he came to work on Monday with a totally new outlook...Gotta Work Hard, 2 girls through college and 2weddings,,,ain't that the truth!

So, a VERY adoption filled Monday to say the least. This is a clear example of the roller coaster we are all on when it comes to adoption. It also shows us that we are not always in control of the outcome. FAITH IS THE ONLY WAY TO SURVIVE! It will happen, in God's time. Hard for me to get, but I do- just a little impatient, that's all!

I hope you all have a Great Tuesday! I am talking with our agency today to get working on our paperwork. I just love having a "coach" to keep me on target!!!
Take Care.

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Heather said...

Howdy from a fellow MIgander off your blogroll.
Just thought I'd tell you tht your entry about adoption not being a second choice was so spot on. It's not second best, it's a calling.
I love the fact that you have peace about your country, we do too, you just know when it's right.
China is right for us, as is SN, but domestic NSN is right for a guy I work with. It's all good.
Heather BT