Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do Over!

Well, my biggest fear(about paperwork)came true last week...

We get to do our Home Study ALL OVER AGAIN! Oh boy, I have read of others struggling or should I say drudging through the piles and mounds but I truly felt we were ahead of the game given we had a completed homestudy less than a year old.

BUT...it should actually only be 6 months old-dagumit! In 30 days it will meet that age. So, I will have to admit, I did have 2 maybe even 3 days of self-talk and motivational ideas to try and get me started. Thank goodness it was a long weekend, right?!!?

Well, count me in- I sent out 3 items today to our social worker. Working on the next baby step and hoping to set deadlines that are attainable. Here we go...grow...AGAIN :)

John and I celebrated(however small)last night by going out to eat. We dined at Touch of India and then visited Whole Foods for some Gelatto! That'll get me going :) We did work up quite an appetite doing lots of yard work on Memorial Day(pic below).

Also, Friday night I went out with some work friends to celebrate a promotion. Saturday, we had a block/cul-de-sac party. First one ever! So much fun to get to know our neighbors. We have a VERY diverse community here and I treasure it so much given our addition on the way and how important it will be to us!

Needless to say- way to much good food this past weekend!!! That's alright. I am headed back to Boot Camp tomorrow. I will post some more pics later in the week. So, that's it for now! Back to paperwork pregnancy...whatever you call it:)

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