Friday, May 16, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday & UPDATE :)

Hi Gang,

Man, am I glad to see Friday this week! It has been crazy at work and I have been working diligently on our adoption plans. R U READY?!?!?!

We have some exciting news around our country. We have been accepted to Ethiopia and feel in our hearts that we were meant to be there ALL THIS TIME! YEAH! I am so excited :) I spoke with the director and we had a great discussion around the reality of being a truly bi/trans-racial family. John and I welcome this and are learning more about it everyday to be sure to provide the right environment for our child. The process in Ethiopia is also something I love. See, they work directly with the orphanages until a referral is identified. There is a transition home called "House of Hope" for CHI. The children are happy and healthy and well cared for- this is a big plus for us!

We are in the process of amending our Home Study and will be submitting to CIS shortly. I cannot tell you HOW LONG we have waited to do this. But then again, you know by our painstakingly long timeline. Whew!

We are truly at peace and are comforted to know that God is directing us down this path. I am in love with our child already- strange, I know. We have opted for boy or girl, infant up to 12 months. The infants are usually around 2-3months old on average. We've been studying about our country and the beautiful people. That's just my style- Go Big or Go Home!!! More to come on this journey!!! I feel that I actually want to blog now, can you believe it?!?!- it has been so painful up until this week- I do apologize for the boring blog. Watch out folks!!!

So, Here's a pic of John and the boys at church cooking up a storm! Well, actually it is spagetti for some 150 people. We had a fundraiser for our youth pilgrimage trip and had a wonderful time playing Parish Family Feud! Good times. He asked me where HIS picture was from the fundraiser. Too cute. So here it is...

Have a Fabulous Weekend!!!


angie said...

yea!! CONGRATS on making a decision!

i know that peace you are talking about...this has never felt so right.

we should meet up some time at go to one of the ethiopian restaurants in atlanta!

** just FYI, our dossier went to DC yesterday! it will have taken us a little over 2 months total from the time we switched until the time we are on the wait list! just thought you would like to know :) **

Ann said...

WONDERFUL,happy days again! Good luck I will be following your progress,